Currently the only stock available for the Mossberg 930 is the standard stock. I have never been a fan of the way Choate stocks look. Choate Machine & Tool, makers of the Ultimate Varmint, Ultimate Sniper, and Tactical stocks, a full line of synthetic sem-automatic stocks, shotgun stocks and accessories. ok, so I finally placed my order for a Mossberg 930 SPX standard stock. I sent an E-Mail to Choate, and Fred very kindly sent one Buy the Choate Mossberg 930/935 Mark 5 Pistol Grip – Buttstock Combination, part number 020140 for the LOWEST price on CombatStocks Choate Machine and tool; Command Arms; Hogue; Mesa Tactical; S&J hardware; Speedfeed. Choate Stocks and forends for Ithaca, Winchester, Remington, H&R, Fabarm, Thompson Center Encore and Contender, and more.

Choate has just made available a pistol grip for the Mossberg 930. Nothing against Choate, but I just don’t like the one they’ve got out. My plans are to purchase the Choate PG stock separately and do the conversion myself since the factory PG. This mark 5 pistol grip stock fits the Mossberg 930 and 935 semi auto shotguns. Has anyone heard if any other company besides Choate has any plans to make a pistol grip stock for the 930. Com offers you the finest Tactical shotgun accessories available including shotgun stocks, shotgun sights, shotgun shell carriers and much more, come on in.

I will provide pics as soon as my order arrives.
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